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Precision Nutrition certified

"Tired of diet books and cookie-cutter training plans, John and Phil created a research-driven, web-based coaching community called Precision Nutrition."

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Functional Movement Screen

"The importance of screening movement and how movement contributes to our everyday lives."


European Register of Exercise Professionals

EREPS is a fully independent register of instructors, trainers and teachers working in the European fitness  and physical activity sector.


Followed StrongFirst principles for Kettlebell Training

"Distilled from the best of the Russian and Western sports science, our methods have a proven record with professional athletes, tier-one special operators, as well as regular folks who have decided to earn self-respect and be weak no more."


Followed Menno Henselmans science-based education

Evidence-based fitness professional PT course.


Followed Dr Stuart McGill principles for back rehabilitation

"The key to pain-free activity is to assess the pain mechanism and employ a matched approach."


Followed Eric Cressey's guidelines for shoulder assessment and corrective exercises.


Followed Dr Emily Splichal training on advanced concepts in ankle sprains and ankle chronic instability.

"Since our feet are the only contact with the ground the feet actually play a critical role in how quickly we can stabilize the core when standing or moving closed chain."

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